McLaughlin, Bennett and Trevisi Prescription* in a Nickel-Free MIM Bracket

There is no more exact method of manufacturing brackets than metal injection molding (MIM).
It offers smoothness for comfort and good looks, and precise tolerances for exact in-out measurements.
Notice the well-designed gingival offsets on the lower biscuspid brackets, perfectly positioned to minimize interference. The anatomically contoured 100-count mesh base maximizes the bonding power of your bracket adhesive. Plus, its biocompatible material is nickel-free.

  • Low profile design with generous
    tie-wing undercuts accommodate
    both ties and chain
  • Gingivally offset bicuspid tie-wings
    for less occlusal interference
  • Vertical scribe line allows accurate
    long axis tooth placement
  • Integral smooth, rounded hooks - at no extra charge – distal on the upper cuspid, mesial on the upper bicuspids, distal on the lower cuspids and bicuspids
  • Uppers have slightly larger base for increased bonding strength

Plus four additional advantages

  • Nickel-free – safe for
    nickel-sensitive patients
  • Strong 1-piece construction
    eliminates bracket to pad separations
  • Anatomically contoured 100-count
    mesh base
  • Convenient single patient packaging
  • Available in single patient packs or we can package up to 25 cases in round wheels or stackable trays.


* Masel prescription does not imply endorsement by the doctors.

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