Bravo Excel™ Roth Patient Packs™

For the last 100 years, Masel has created innovative ways to save you time and money. And now we’ve done it again, with another brilliant solution to make the bonding procedure easier than ever before. Introducing Bravo Excel™ Roth Patient Packs, a convenient, tweezer-ready bracket system.

Every Patient Pack of Bravo Excel Roth brackets arrives set up and ready to bond because each bracket has been carefully placed in perfect, tweezer-ready position within the built-in bonding pad. When ready to use, simply open and unfold the pack, use the adhesive peel-strip on the back to secure it to your work surface. The plastic bracket covers become wells for holding etch. Brackets are secured to pad using FDA-approved adhesive material.

• Stores flat, fits in patient files
• Saves time - no more bracket set-ups
• Makes bonding procedure organized, simple and fast
• Helps control excess inventory
• 40 extra brackets FREE with every 10 cases

Item Item Number


.018 with hooks 4482-904
.018 w/o hooks 4482-917
.018 HK's on 3's 4482-909
.022 with hooks 4482-902
.022 w/o hooks 4482-915
.022 HK's on 3's 4482-908




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