Silhouette™ Poly-Sapphire™ Ceramic Brackets


Silhouette BracketThe Silhouette Poly-Sapphire Ceramic Bracket gives you the clarity of a “sapphire” (monocrystalline) bracket, with less glare. The Silhouette Poly Sapphire Ceramic Bracket provides the strength you require, while at the same time serving your patients’ needs by being resistant to stains and discoloration.

The Silhouette Poly-Sapphire Ceramic Bracket is the right choice for your practice.
Poly-Sapphire, super-aesthetic appearance
• An invisible look when you compare to sapphire brackets
• The natural color of the tooth penetrates through the clear bracket
• The glare commonly found with sapphire brackets is non-existent

Hard surface
• 35% less friction compared to sapphire brackets allows for more efficient tooth movement
• Abrasion and high shock resistance
• Resistant to stains and discoloration
• Low profile for patient comfort
• Mechanical bonding base for strong predictable bond strength and easy de-bonding
• Downdraft on tie-wings for easy, and safe ligation
• Single hook for a less bulky feel
• Available in both .018 and .022 slot sizes
• Available in both Roth and McLaughlin, Bennett, and Trevisi prescriptions
• Color-coded with an ID mark that can easily be removed

›› Download Silhouette Poly-SapphireTM Ceramic Brackets Data Sheet

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