The nickel titanium wire with the Masel Promise...
quality performance and superior results!

Masel’s Elastinol™ is our premier brand super elastic nickel titanium archwire that optimizes the movement of teeth, even badly malposed teeth, by exerting light continuous forces over long periods of time. These lighter forces also minimize discomfort throughout a patient’s treatment.

The non-fatiguing archwire is easy to engage and holds its shape memory longer, saving you chair time by requiring fewer wire changes. It will retain its shape better than earlier generation nickel titanium wires.

Some of Elastinol’s special qualities and capabilities:

  • Elastinol works as well in difficult orthodontic cases as it does in routine ones.
    Ideal as a leveling wire, it can engage the most severely malposed teeth effectively.
    This capability enables you to begin torquing and €nishing earlier in a patient’s treatment
    with larger-diameter wire.
  • It has a smooth bright finish, which allows brackets to slide freely along the wire, thus lowering bracket friction and accelerating tooth movement.
  • Elastinol features an anatomically correct initial shape, which results in less re-work and adjustment in later treatment stages.
  • Elastinol is 100% quality-control inspected by Masel for consistent results.
  • Elastinol is available in:
    – Preformed archwires in Natural, International and Standard archforms, with
    or without “Drift-free” dimple
    – Preformed archwires with Orthocosmetic coating
    – 15’ (4.57m) spools

Elastinol™ Nickel Titanium Archwire
Masel’s Premium Nickel Titanium Archwire

  • In Natural, International and Standard archforms
  • Recommended for all treatment phases
  • Etched centermark
  • Smooth bright friction-free finish

New! Elastinol D-Arch™ with Drift-Free Dimple
The newest arch form in our Elastinol Archwire line fits today's most popular self-ligating bracket systems. Compares to Ormco's Damon archwire form and sizes.

Pair your current self-ligating bracket system with our Elastinol Archwires for maximum performance and consistent results. Now in our newest D-Arch form to match the requirements of the newest bracket systems.
  • New D-arch shape
  • Dimpled center mark on uppers and lowers
  • Round .012", .013", .014", .016", .018"
  • Square .016"x.016", .018"x.018", .020"x.020"
  • Rectangular .014"x.025", .016"x.025", .018"x.025", .019"x.025"
  • 10 per pack

Orthocosmetic Elastinol™
Preformed Archwires

This tooth-colored nickel titanium archwire has a special esthetic coating that blends exceptionally well with ceramic or plastic brackets. It won’t stain or discolor and resists cracking or chipping. It facilitates fast tooth movement, is easy to engage even on the hardest-to-ligate bracket, and exerts a continuous, gentle force over a long period of time. Less brittle than other nickel titanium wires, enabling you to place a permanent stop in the posterior part of the wire.


Features & Benefits of Orthocosmetic Elastinol

  • Longest lasting tooth-colored coating
  • Super elastic shape memory
  • FDA listed coating
  • Recommended for all treatment phases
  • Natural archform
  • Round sizes only
  • Ink center mark
  • 5 per pack

Drift-Free Dimpled Elastinol™ Preformed Archwires

Our super elastic nickel titanium Elastinol with a permanent midline notch prevents wire “drift.” Guarantees that posterior legs stay in the buccal tubes – preventing patients’ emergency visits.

  • Permanent stop also acts as a midline reference point. Measurements can be taken easily – nothing to wear off
  • Integral “Drift-Free” Dimples allows the distal end to be trimmed directly behind molar band rather than cinched
  • Natural and International archforms
  • Round, rectangular and square sizes
  • Recommended for all treatment phases
  • 10 per pack

Authentic Nitinol

If you’re looking for a nickel titanium arch that’s a bit stiffer than
Elastinol with a matte finish, Masel’s Authentic Nitinol is the answer!

  • Ideal for first stage treatment in leveling and unraveling teeth
  • Rectangular nitinol introduces stiffness early in treatment and
    is able to fill the bracket slot, giving you three dimensional control
  • Round nitinol is the perfect choice for Class I cases
    where minimal leveling is required
  • Round or rectangular, nitinol has a degree of deflection
    that’s 5 times greater than stainless steel arches
  • Recommended for all treatment phases
  • Etched center mark
  • Matte finish
  • 10 per pack

Value Brand of NiTi™
Economical Packs of 25 or 50

Not quite as strong as our Authentic Nitinol, with slightly lighter forces and more resiliency. Use as an initial archwire to quickly unravel and align. Priced lower than Authentic Nitinol and Elastinol.

  • Recommended for initial and intermediate treatment phases
  • Natural archform
  • Round, rectangular and square sizes
  • Etched center mark


Econo Nickel Titanium
Economical Packs of 100

Econo nickel titanium is Masel’s most economical wire.
It is similar to Value Brand of NiTi™ but with less resiliency.

  • Recommended for all treatment phases
  • Natural archform
  • Round, rectangular and square sizes
  • Ink center mark
  • 100 per pack


Onyx Ultra™

Onyx Ultra is a new nickel titanium archwire that is manufactured using an advanced oxidizing process. The result is a sleek-surfaced nickel titanium archwire that minimizes the treatment slowing effects of friction by 30%.

  • Sliding friction is reduced by over 30%* compared to traditional nickel titanium wire
  • Black oxide is an integral part of wire, not a separate applied coating and does not chip, wear, or peel
  • Dark color surface reflects light — appears silver
    in the mouth
  • Exhibits excellent superelastic qualities and provides improved resiliency
  • Integral “Drift Free” dimples positioned between the centrals ensure accurate placement during ligation and help to placement during ligation and help to prevent rotation out of buccal tubes
  • Measurable performance benefits far outweigh the marginal increase in price over traditional nickel titanium archwires
  • Should not be used with patients with allergic sensitivity to nickel
  • 10 per pack

New! CV SuperForce™
Meets the demands of the toughest cases -- softer to ligate with higher tooth-moving forces. Compares to Ormco 35° Copper Ni-Ti and GAC Sentalloy

Now, a true heat-activated wire that offers higher tooth-moving forces similar to copper-niti wire, with superior resiliency. CV Superforce is made from a newly-developed Nickel Titanium alloy that meets the demands of practitioners.

At room temperature, the wire is consistently soft and makes ligation easier for you and more comfortable for the patient. Highly responsive to chilling, the wire can be softened even further so the most difficult cases can be ligated quickly and easily. Ideal for adult patients with significant crowding.

  • Natural arch shape
  • Etched center mark on uppers and lowers
  • Rond .014", .016", .018"
  • Square .016"x.016"
  • Rectangular .016"x.022", .017"x.025",
    .018"x.025", .021"x.025"
  • 10 per pack

New! Tri-Force Thermal™

Three pre-programmed forces meet the tooth-moving
demands that each section of the arch requires.
Compares to GAC Bioforce

Three forces combine perfectly to provide optimum force levels to move the teeth effectively. Lighter-rooted anterior teeth require lighter forces. The larger-rooted bicuspid region receives a greater heat-activated force level. The posterior region has the greatest heat-activated force level for the strong-rooted molars.
  • Natural arch shape
  • Etched center mark on uppers and lowers
  • Round .016", .018"
  • Square .016"x.016", .020"x.020"
  • Rectangular .016"x.022", .017"x.025", .018"x.025", .019"x.025"
  • 10 per pack


Therm-A-Form ULTRA™
The Best Body-Heat-Activated Nickel Titanium–
The gentler, kinder nickel titanium archwire

Therm-A-Form ULTRA™ is a new improved, copper-free,
body-heat-activated nickel titanium wire that has lower
ligating forces than copper alloy wires and is noticeably
softer at room temperature, so it’s extremely easy to ligate.
Then, with its superior cyclic bend performance, it transforms
to a super elastic state inside the mouth, offering gentle,
continuous tooth-moving force. Ideal for adult patients with
signi€ cant crowding. A quick cold drink temporarily eases
the force–which makes sensitive patients happy.

CV™ Brand of NiTi™
Copper Nickel Titanium Performance without the Concerns of Copper Side Effects

Currently using a copper nickel titanium? Try our CV™ 35° Brand of NiTi™ similar properties, but much more economical. With “softer” characteristics and ease of insertion with martensitic archwires, they are rapidly becoming the “archwire of choice” for severe malocclusions.

  • Soft, pliable wire for earlier bracket engagement
  • Larger wires may be engaged earlier in treatment with less patient trauma
  • Momentary forces applied to teeth early in treatment for reduced chair time
  • Produces ideal biological tooth moving forces
  • Natural archform
  • Round, rectangular, and square sizes
  • 10 per pack

RetroArch™ Reverse Curve

Our nickel titanium reverse curve of spee archwire. As an initial wire for leveling and unraveling, Masel’s RetroArch™ is tailor made for difficult cases. Best to open and close bites, level arches, consolidate spaces and correct molar rotations. Two different designs for two different arches.

  • Original. Our most widely used reverse curved arch, this original prescription gives you greater control over posterior teeth. It is also ideal for patients whose maxillary and mandibular growth falls within the adult range.
  • L-Shape. Circular wire shape prevents molar “dumping”, facilitates arch consolidation and retraction of flared incisors in mixed dentition cases.

Nickel-Free Titanium Beta III™ Archwires

Presently using TMA® from Ormco? Then you should try Beta III™ Beta III™ offers the best of both worlds – combining the strength and versatility of stainless steel with a significant increase in resiliency. A bendable, high force, low deflection nickel-free titanium archwire.

  • Recommended for intermediate treatment phases
  • Natural archform
  • Round, square and rectangular sizes
  • Smooth surface for less friction

Advantages of Beta III™ Over Nickel Titanium

  • Nickel free for sensitive patients
  • Beta III™ makes intricate 1st and
    2nd order bends
  • Long legs to accommodate loops and bends

Advantages of Beta III™ Over Stainless Steel

  • Less force
  • Twice the resiliency
  • Twice the deflection of stainless steel
    without permanent deformation
  • Modulus of elasticity is half of stainless steel
  • Longer angle of action

Advantages of Beta III™ with T-Loop

  • Better retractional force than stainless steel
    due to superior spring back
  • Rectangular sizes only

Masel Stainless Steel Golden
Heat-Treated Archwires

Masel heat-treated golden wire is very strong, yet ductile enough to accept intricate bends. It consistently outperforms competitive stainless steel wires for working range.

  • Recommended for initial, intermediate
    and final treatment phases
  • Natural-A, Natural Broad, International,
    and Standard archforms
  • Round, square and rectangular sizes

Masel Stainless Steel Resilient
Bright Archwires

It is easier to bend and even more ductile than our golden wire, but with the resiliency to give you good performance. It can be heat treated for additional strength.

  • Recommended for initial, intermediate
    and final treatment phases
  • Natural-A, International, and
    Standard archforms
  • Round, square and rectangular sizes

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